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I felt compelled to share with you all how truly humbled I feel that EliteVA today will be entering into it’s 3rd year in business.

Taking the leap to leave the corporate world was a huge decision. The fear I experienced initially crippled me at times.

All those thoughts of not being ‘good enough’, not having enough knowledge or experience to create a successful business – you name it, I experienced it.

They say an entrepreneur’s biggest asset is themselves, so I felt it important to take the time to do the work on myself to allow an uplevelling both on a personal and business level.

Through coaching and mentoring, it has allowed me to grow on so many levels.

The journey so far has been truly incredible and has been fundamental in the success of EliteVA.

Over the past 3 years, EliteVA has supported so many clients from a variety of industries, from physiotherapists, to coaches and authors.

I recently read an article from Ryan Robinson – ‘60 Top Entrepreneurs Share Best Business Advice and Tips for Success’ which was packed with advice and insights. The main tip I wanted to share with you was this:

To further support that point, an article from confirmed 90% of start-up businesses fail. Interestingly one of the main characteristics of start-ups that succeed, are those entrepreneurs who understand that they must work ‘on’ their business, not ‘in’ their business.

By outsourcing business tasks to a Virtual Assistant, this will free your energy up to enable you to focus on building your brand, connecting with your audience and working on creative projects including creating additional income streams.

Over the past three years, I have been asked on many occasions, what tasks can be outsourced to a VA so thought I would create a free downloadable report providing entrepreneurs that are looking to uplevel in their business and reach out for support from a VA.

I truly believe this is the first step to uplevelling your business by accepting the fact that you need the help and support to grow your business.

As the saying goes ‘Behind every successful entrepreneur is a tribe supporting them‘.

Click the link below to get your Free Report on the Top 20 Tasks a Virtual Assistant can manage for you. This is your first step to freeing up your time allowing you the freedom and flexibility to work on creative projects and truly engage with your audience.

I really hope this free report is of use to you.

If you are looking to jump in and get started with working with a VA, Click Here for a Discovery Call with me and we can discuss how EliteVA can support you and your business going forward.

To Your Success!!!