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In this month’s blog post I will be providing an update on Elite VA and sharing my views on the benefits of podcasting.

I’m not sure how you all feel but to me, another month has just passed me by in a flash! It’s crazy!

After my return from sunny Barcelona, I have been focusing on many interesting client projects as well as a very exciting service that I’m planning to launch early 2016 so watch out – I’m very excited about what the future will hold!!

And to end the month on a high, I received confirmation early last week that I have been selected as a Finalist for Best Newcomer VA 2015. Such an amazing achievement for all Finalists and look forward to hearing more in due course so watch out!!!

The Benefits of Podcasting

Podcasting offers a great way to share your voice, your creativity, your thoughts or whatever else you can produce. The possibilities are unlimited.

You can promote your product or service, be recognised as an expert in your field, and build your own following.

Additional benefits of podcasting are:

  • With equipment you probably already own and for very little outlay, your podcast could be online within hours;
  • You can quickly grow a very focused following;
  • You are in control of what you podcast, when you podcast and for how long;
  • It’s a convenient, automatic and inexpensive way to reach your audience;
  • The human voice adds a personal connection to your brand;
  • Become a recognised expert or celebrity in you chosen market;
  • Make money by offering valuable information or promoting your business to a targeted audience.


You need to have a topic, something to say.

Think about where your expertise and passions lie, as you will need both to be successful.

If someone else is already doing a podcast on your topic then great! That means there is a market there.

Think about how you can do it differently, what is your unique distinguishing factor?

Think about who your perfect listener is, and what they want to help you in your quest to identifying your podcast material.


All you need to start your podcast is a computer, a microphone, internet connection and recording software.

The microphone and recording software can be purchased at very little cost, it does not need to be Radio DJ standard!

Some suggested low cost equipment options are:

Follow the Simple Steps to get started on your first podcast:

  1. Record your podcast;
  2. Post it online – upload the audio file to your Website/Blog by transferring the audio file to your Web server like any other piece of content you put on your site;
  3. Create a specially formatted text file, usually an XML and move this to your Web server along with the audio file – this file allows listeners to automatically subscribe to your podcast.;


* You do not necessarily need to post your podcast to a podcatchers site e.g. iTunes. A podcatchers site is essentially a directory of podcasts.

**If you are using software other than Audacity you may have to turn your recording into an MP3 file, (because of their smaller file size MP3’s download more quickly than other audio file formats).

***If the thought of creating XML files is hurting your head, look into a podcast hosting service which provides a publishing platform to manage, distribute and monetize your content, such as Libsyn – CLICK HERE.


Podcasting is a powerful and easy way to reach a focused audience. Whether for fun or to make money, podcasting allows you to easily reach a focused audience. You can brand yourself as an expert or celebrity in your niche.

You can get started with no more equipment than your computer, a microphone and some recording software. People could be listening to your podcast in less than a couple of hours!

For further information check out Entrepreneurs on Fire – CLICK HERE.

Happy Podcasting!!!