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Welcome to November’s blog post!!! Okay hold on, where has this year gone! It’s crazy we are just over 7 weeks until you know what!!!

This month is a very important month for Elite VA, we celebrated our One Year Anniversary yesterday. A HUGE THANK YOU to all clients, family, friends, business associates etc, I am entirely grateful to you all for your amazing support over the past year, it’s greatly appreciated.

5 Reasons why a Virtual Assistant WILL benefit you

When it comes to running a business, it can be hard – and the figures demonstrate this. According to government statistics, approximately 50% of small businesses fail, in the first few years of business.

Those that thrive tend to be the ones who realise they need to work ON their business, rather than IN it. They treat it as a business and hire in help, as soon as possible and this will include hiring a Virtual Assistant.

But how can a Virtual Assistant benefit you and your business – and how can they help your business be in the 50% that survive?


A Virtual Assistant (VA) can only help you, if you realise you NEED that help. There are five things you need to realise, before you’ll be ready to hire a VA and benefit from what they have to offer you AND your business:


There’s an alarmingly high number of solopreneurs who believe they are capable of doing it all. They believe they have to be some sort of superwoman, doing everything themselves – from the mundane back-office tasks, right through to web design, copy writing and client interaction. That’s before you’ve even started adding the home and family-related tasks!

The sooner you realise you AREN’T superwoman – the faster you’ll appreciate the benefits a VA will bring to the table.


Following in the same vein, you can’t turn back time and you can’t create it either! There’s a vast number of women solopreneurs, who went into business so they could spend more time with their family and young children – and then realise they’re spending all their time working.

You can’t get that time back – but you also can’t make your day have more than 24 hours in it. Working super long days can be minimised and/or even stopped altogether, if you pass some of your workload onto another team member.


That brings us onto this next point. It IS your business and you may be the face, heart and/or soul of it – but that doesn’t mean your business has to consist of just you. In fact, if you want your business to grow, you need to realise it IS bigger than you.

Building a team around you will help keep your business growing AND flourishing. You could potentially start by hiring a VA, then add a web/graphic designer, content writer and SEO marketing into the mix.


Talking of people to hire in your team, it’s also worth remembering that you’re not a social media manager. You may be doing your own social media, but it’s a task that needs handing over to a VA, to help free up your time.


When it comes to your business success, and whether you ultimately hand over some tasks to a VA or other outsourcer, it boils down to one thing – your client’s need to come first. By doing everything yourself, you’re jeopardising that client focus AND the potential future success of your business.

Hiring in a VA is that crucial first step towards freeing up your time AND growing your business. You may question whether you’re ready to hire a VA, but the question really needs to be – can you afford not to?

If hiring a VA is of interest to you. I am currently offering Free Discovery Sessions in November, feel free to get in touch by clicking the below to email me to book yourself in for a Free Discovery Call.