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On a monthly basis we will share software reviews, social media hints and tips and update you on Elite VA’s highlights throughout each month.

A huge thanks to you all for your kind support. I would like to share the highlights over the first six months – how time flies when you’re having fun!

The first six months have been extremely busy but highly rewarding; working for many clients ranging from Edinburgh to London and even Europe. The many joys and benefits of offering virtual support!

March 2015 has been my busiest month yet – not only turning the BIG 40 (shh)! but also exhibited and presented at Elite Business Event National Conference and Exhibition in London. This event was a 2-day National Conference and Trade Exhibition for high-growth businesses and fast track start-ups. I took the opportunity to hold my first ever Workshop on ‘How to Attract More Clients and Income through the Power of Outsourcing’. Many thanks to all for attending.

Lynsey Cowan and Charlotte Wibberley on our Stand at Elite Business event – a huge thanks to everyone for popping by to say hello.

In March, I also assisted Rob Schneider (Executive Secretary) for the Scottish Oil Club Annual Dinner which was held at The EICC, Edinburgh. In the run up to the event, I assisted with co-ordination of Annual Dinner programme, pre-event slideshow and bookings. A total of 815 guests attended which was a huge success.

Software Reviews

Every business owner wants to have access to the very best available software for their company. They want software that helps them run their business faster, easier and more effectively. However, they also want to save time and money too – and no one wants to install a program that causes more work and effort in the long run.

With so many different free and/or cheap software options available, it can be difficult to ascertain what is around and which option suits you best. So I’ve compiled a list of my top 4 suggestions for this month, along with how they can potentially help your business run easier and more effectively.


An online time tracking application that is both easy to use and simple to run. MinuteDock allows you to set targets and goals within the dashboard, as well as invoicing your clients direct. MinuteDock also integrates simply with FreshBooks, QuickBooks and Xero, if you’d prefer to use external invoicing applications.

Priced from only $19 a month, MinuteDock is perfect for small businesses that need to account and bill for time spent, as well as those that need to track contacts, projects and tasks.


Allows you to schedule social media posts for all of the main social media platforms including Facebook and Twitter. As well as scheduling future-dated tweets, Hootsuite allows you to monitor the effectiveness of your social media campaigns. You can sort your audiences and followers into user-defined lists and monitor (and save searches) for specific keywords.

If you’re a business that maintains your own and/or client social media accounts, Hootsuite is perfect for you, as it provides the ability to manage multiple profiles from the one account. Hootsuite is available free, however some of the main features are only available when you opt for the paid-for options, priced from £6.99 per month.


An easy way to capture and share videos and images of your computer screen. Your images and videos are saved on the web, your computer, clipboard or TechSmith’s free 2GB of server space.

Jing gives you the ability to easily and quickly record and share step-by-step tutorials and how-to videos with your intended audience. As you’re limited to 5 minutes of video, it ensures you stay focused and to the point – guaranteeing videos that are both succinct and capture the attention of the audience.


A project management tool that allows you to collaborate and communicate with your team members, without the need for email. It allows you to manage multiple projects, assign projects and tasks to other team members, create to-do lists and detail action steps for all of your projects.

With the ability to manage everything, from simple to-do lists through to complex projects and teams. Asana is suitable for every size of business. It gives you an overview of each project, as well as your own personalised Inbox and to-do list – plus it will automatically update everyone’s task list, one a project task or action step is completed. Asana is free for teams of up to 15 members.

Social Media Hints and Tips

This Month’s Social Media Hints and Tips will be focused solely on LinkedIn. With more than 350 million members to date, LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network.

LinkedIn News

Recent news from LinkedIn confirmed the launch of fully redesigned Pulse mobile app for iOS and Android. The new Pulse app focuses on delivering you personalised news that is powered by your professional world.

When you start the new app, you won’t need to follow publishers or topics to get you started – just log in with your LinkedIn account and Pulse instantly gives you news related topics within your Industry, who you’ve connected to and what you follow on LinkedIn.

How to Utilise the LinkedIn Relationship Tab to Improve your Networking

Have you ever wondered how many of your LinkedIn connections are clients, leads or potential prospects? Or perhaps you forget to send follow-up emails to your key prospects?

If you answered yes to either of those questions then you will find LinkedIn Relationship Tab which is available to both free and premium members a godsend.

You will find this tab by opening a connection’s LinkedIn profile on the website or on the LinkedIn destop version, sadly this tab is not currently available on the mobile app.

Beneath the profile information are two tabs: Relationship and Contact Info. Clicking on the Relationship tab will show information related to the relationship you have with that particular contact.

Find out when you Connected:

LinkedIn will populate the date you connected in the Relationship Tab, this information is available for anyone you’re connected to on LinkedIn.

View Messages you’ve Exchanged: Any messages exchanged will also appear in your list of automatically populated details showing the most recent conversations on the Relationship tab, by clicking ‘See More’ you will reveal the full list of conversations to date.

Adding Notes about your Contacts:

You can edit the Note Section to specifically add any details or information related to your connection.

Setting Reminders to Follow up:

The Reminder tool is one of the most useful tools on LinkedIn. It allows you to set a one-time or recurring reminder for a connection.

When you’ve set a reminder, you’ll receive a notification via email indicating you have a reminder. To access the reminder details again, click on the connection’s name to visit his/her profile and access reminder details. Once you have completed the item, click Mark as Complete to clear the item from your activity or you can also amend the due date if required.

Recording How You Met:

This Tab I believe is a very useful tool and should be completed for every new connection on LinkedIn. As your LinkedIn network grows it’s easy to lose track of why you’re connected so take a minute to fill in this section with relevant details about how you’ve met.

Assign Tags to Categorise Connections:

Tags are a useful way to categorise your connections. When searching in LinkedIn for connections, you can filter to sort by tags, which makes this a useful tool for organising your network.

I really hope these tools will help you grow your relationships and benefit fully on opportunities to connect with potential clients.

Thanks again for your continued support throughout the past six months and looking forward to sharing some more Software Reviews and Social Media Hints & Tips Next Month.

Kindest regards