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Product launches can be the most stressful phase in any business. There’s 2 options – go it alone or hiring in someone to do it.

Product launches.

They can be the most stressful and critical phases in any business.

There’s the build-up and creation of the product, followed by the pre-launch and the launch itself, before you then have to deal with the post-launch phase… it can all be a lot of stress and involve A LOT of your time!

There are really only two options regarding your product launch – go it alone or hiring in someone to do it for you.

The go it alone option

Preparation is the one key area that can make our break your product launch. You only have to see the success of people like Jeff Walker, to understand that those going it alone, need guidance on each stage of their product launch. Jeff’s book, ‘Launch’ is still in the top 25 bestselling books under E-commerce and management strategy, and the course (Product Launch Formula) has been successfully helping others since 2005.

It can be done!

If you give yourself enough time, before, during AND after your product launch, you can successfully run it yourself – but you need to be SUPER organised.

You have to remember it’s not just about creating a product – you also need to project manage the prelaunch content, schedule in the launch content and figure out the post-launch phase too.

This involves knowing how to project manage it all, being creative, as well as knowing how to deal with the technical and logistical sides too.

The costs involved

When it comes to costing up your product launch, the biggest investment from you will be your time and effort.

The other things you may need include a camera and editing software for videos or hire someone to do that for you. You will also need website landing page software (I recommend Leadpages) and an autoresponder program (I recommend either MailChimp or GetResponse – they also offer landing page software in their monthly or annual package).

If you want to use Jeff Walker’s product launch Formula – you’ll be looking at anywhere from £720.00 upwards.

If you are thinking of using Facebook Ads to promote your product, the daily ad cost will also have to be taken into account.

Hiring an expert

There are Virtual Assistants out there who have realised how stressful product launches are for solopreneurs.

Services such as ‘Product Launch Assistant’ (PLA) and ‘Product Launch Management’ will take away many of those associated stresses from your workload – leaving you free to focus on what you do best.

How a PLA can help

A PLA can write copy, schedule broadcast announcements, liaise with Affiliates and do all the background technical connecting, to ensure your shopping cart, autoresponder program and website software are all playing nicely together. They’ll also see where your launch needs improvement AND how feasible it’s success is in the first place.

The investment in a PLA

When it comes to working out the costs of a PLA, it all gets a bit hazy, as most prefer to cost on a ‘per launch’ basis.

However, sites such as Adecco are advertising off-line PLA jobs from £18,000 per annum and I did find an online PLA website advertising their package at £1,000.

But when it comes to investing in a PLA, you need to weigh up the investment against the hours and time it saves you AND the amount you could potentially make from a successful product launch.

When it comes to choosing which option is best, it really boils down to your budget and available time.

Whether you opt to go it alone or hire a PLA, the key to a successful product launch is in the planning and preparation – get this right, and you’ll greatly increase your chances of an easier and more successful product launch.

Wishing you a very successful product launch.

Here’s to your Success!!!